When it comes to our reputation, homeowners’ words speak the loudest. We take special care in creating relationships with our customers before, during, and after their home is completed. We value their review and appreciate getting the feedback!

Here’s What Our Customers are Saying:

Paula Smith

“I must, by way of relief and gratitude, begin this review of Kurk Homes with the highest regard and highest recommendation! I am standing in our brand new “forever aging in place” home simply marveling at the craftsmanship and attention to detail. I have submitted reports on several blogs throughout the whole building process and each leg of this endeavor has been surprisingly painless!

Architect: after seemingly endless designs on my part (motivated by worry and cost) the ever patient J. Barreda created a masterpiece totally within our budget and fulfilled our needs for a 3000 sq ft. home. Business: initial meetings with office staff later proved to be as professional & efficient as they appeared during our sales meeting…no smoke and mirrors here! Shelby, Tammy, Lisa, Melanie are protective of your time, your dollars, and communication skills are superb. Thank you, Chris, for your honesty and integrity when we walked through our signing!!!!

Selections & design: Amazing. Kim Provost (in the design center) exhibited she could give me my 5 star home and guide me through choices…once again without an “up sell”. The quality in my home is stellar…they do NOT cut corners. And she couldn’t be more personable.

Building: Holy Smokes!!! You CANNOT find anyone like Gene Sury. I call him St. Gene because he had unlimited patience (I had some really crazy questions & worries) and delivers on his word. I especially liked the times when I would get a wild idea & go off script and request something bizarre. He simply smiles & says “ok I’ll be happy to do that. But before you make the decision let me price that out for you!” Yup…he could’ve thrown it in, charged me a fortune & moved on..but once again integrity & professionalism marked his style. If I said ” yes go ahead” he altered things with a smile. If I said “I don’t like it that much or that price” …well, same smile!! Most of all, every nook and cranny (believe me I’ve checked) is spectacular due to his oversight & the great crews.

We have built before & I would only recommend Kurk Homes. Building a home is one of largest financial life investments for a family and it needs to be entrusted to a company that is principle centered …that defines Kurk Homes.

Follow up: Thanks Eli ( warranty guy) …you are Johnny on the spot! Boo boo fixed ASAP.” 

Kim Shepherd

“Chris, I just wanted to say Thanks so much for being there on Friday, and for all the time you spent with us from drawing out plans on napkins and paper to having plans drawn — and now a complete house. This is a house we’ve dreamed of and planned for for years. Thanks for all your time and work.

We would love to have you back out once we get things moved in and decorated, so you can see the finished project. Thanks again for all your time and kindness.”

Dennis and Priscilla Shumaker

“Chris, We are loving this house! God has blessed us — thanks.”

Thomas Hart

“We have just moved into our new Kurk Home on Lake Livingston. We are extremely happy with the design, quality, and workmanship which was put into the home by Kurk Home Builders. We were especially pleased with the assistance provided to design the house to meet our exact needs and desire to take maximum advantage of the great lake view. The construction took a bit longer than we would have hoped due to bad weather. Things began to move ahead more rapidly after we were assigned Mark McGinley as our building manager/supervisor. He scheduled work to be completed and kept us informed of the progress. He was very good at getting things done. Kurk Homes has been very prompt about working off the “punch list” items. I would highly recommend Kurk Homes to anyone wishing to build an attractive, solidly built, quality custom home.”

Easter and J. T. Gorrell

“It is hard to find a company who affiliates with only the best in the industry and when you find that company, you tend to stick with them. You are one of those companies and I would be honored to refer anyone looking for a new home to you.”

Ray and Mira Jackson

“We want to express our appreciation for a job well done on our new home. We were a little nervous after hearing horror stories from friends and family about other home builders. However, we experienced no such problems with Kurk Homes and had a painless building process. I commend Chris McGinley and Anthony Johnson for a job well done.”

Robert and Jackie Baker

“Dear Chris, Please accept this letter as heartfelt thanks for all that you and the team at Kurk Homes did to help get the Baker family into our dream home.

As you recall, the process that preceded the construction of our custom home was longer than most, but you and your design team were most patient as we went through multiple iterations of what we wanted to build. In thc end, I think that we got it just right.

I had great fun as we built our wine cellar “together”, which became my favorite part of our new home. You and your crew were very accepting of all my ideas and you came up with several suggestions yourself during the design phase that helped make the room truly special. Other builders might have been resentful of “highly involved” owners like us, but in contrast you encouraged our input. I really appreciated that.

I also was favorably impressed by the transparency of the financial aspects of our project – at no time did we ever feel that you had not explained to our satisfaction the costs and fees attributable to our build. It’s how honest folks should conduct business, and you did a great job.

We moved into our new home this past July, during the hottest and driest summer in memory. Since then, we have been most impressed at the energy efficiency of the home that you built for us. While we did “downsize” from our prior 3800 sf house in Temple, TX to the 3400 sf home you built for us, we have seen a drop in our utility bills by more than 50%!

We also have been appreciative of how responsive you and your crew have been in addressing all the little things that tend to come up with any new construction project. Each time we have called about something, you have followed through until the matter is resolved to our satisfaction. “Service after the sale” is another factor that helps Kurk Homes stand out above the competition.

In summary, the Bakers can highly recommend Kurk Homes as a company that holds true to the motto of “Affordable Quality”, while conducting business in an honest and straightforward fashion. I would be happy to visit with any potential client you might have, should they want any more information about our experiences with you and your organization. Many thanks!

It is very much a teamwork relationship. We appreciate that and wanted to acknowledge his efforts. Thanks!”

Lowell and Elizabeth King

“We are very pleased with our home and are glad we selected Kurk Homes as our builder. We will not hesitate to recommend Kurk Homes to any and all who seek a custom home builder.”

James L. Anderson

“I just wanted to take a minute and ‘THANK YOU’ for the awesome work you did. We also would like you to know that our electric bill is WONDERFUL!!! Our new home is nearly twice as large as the one we previously owned and our electric bill is nearly half of what it was before!!! Kurk Homes did a wonderful job in building our home and we would be pleased to have you as our builder should we ever need one again.”

Jessie Ralston

“Thank you for everything….we love the house and so does everyone that has seen it. I think our neighbors are going to use y’all.”

Paulette Kovar

“Thank you for building my beautiful home. I am so pleased with your services. In particular I appreciate your flexibility to work with my antique and salvaged architectural pieces as well as other owner provided items such as my bath room vanities. The end result is a truly custom home.

Jonathan was a big part of the decision to choose Kurk Homes. He was the best part of the overall building experience as well. You probably already know that everyone loves Jonathan. I can tell you that he is a very talented young man and a real asset to your business. He routinely practices the highest levels of professional standards. He also has the ability to juggle a lot of balls while maintaining a relaxed and friendly demeanor. His relationship skills are excellent and that is obviously helpful not only with customers but also sub contractors. Since we were working with some unusual pieces, there were many challenges. Jonathan sees problems as opportunities and this attitude made everything turn out well in the end.

Another thing I observed and admired was Jonathan’s willingness to learn. If there was ever something he did not know, he would go out of his way to find out or ask or watch someone else do something. I appreciate direct and honest communication, even when the answer has to be no. Jonathan projects sincerity and he became my best adviser in this process. To tell the truth I really miss seeing him on a regular basis. Kurk is fortunate to have his skills on the team.

Though we had complete confidence in JR, it was nice to see Steve on the occasions he came by. It made us feel the team backup support. I appreciate the quality of the materials Kurk used as standard in our home. Many subs commented on this and some were very surprised to see your framing standards in particular. Please use Kovars as a reference, especially with a prospect who may want to work with unusual architectural elements.”

Nick M.

“Chris, I wanted to give some feedback now that we are in the middle of construction. For us, Chuck is doing a great job. I’m always aware that he has the best interests in mind of both Kurk and ourselves as well and I think that’s an important characteristic of a good superintendent. It is very much a teamwork relationship. We appreciate that and wanted to acknowledge his efforts. Thanks!”

Emily Fox

“My husband and I have almost been in our home designed and built by Kurk Homes for two years and continue to marvel at how perfect it is. We are always saying “we are living the dream.” The architect listened and designed a home that is exactly what we wanted. We were fortunate enough to choose Kent Moore for our cabinets, and Charlie went above and beyond to make sure we had exactly what we wanted. When we went to the Design Gallery to select paint, tile, fixtures, etc., we were never pressured to upgrade, which was greatly appreciated because we were on a tight budget. We are in our 60’s, and this will be the last house we will own. The Kurk Family truly cared that we had the home of our dreams, and we do. We couldn’t be happier. A great experience!”